Introduction to plenary session 3

This time for presentation and discussion aims at dealing with the new needs regarding professional training, which can appear in water supply and sanitation utilities, and with innovative solutions allowing meeting them.

The participants are thus invited to present their experiments and the specific cases encountered by their institutions.

In exchanges preliminary to the Assembly, some points had already be raised and are presented here as an introduction to the discussions.

Training needs accompanying the development of water supply and sanitation utilities.

To ensure the service life of infrastructures and the effectiveness of services, the necessary skills regarding management, operation and maintenance, should always be reinforced and vocational training did not reach yet a sufficient level to meet these stakes and needs.
The needs for professional training are high both with regard to basic and continuing training for the already employed staff. Hundreds thousand workers should thus attend training programmes for efficient water supply and sanitation services. The goals are to offer tailor-made qualification levels, in order to upgrade knowledge and to develop professionalism, and to adapt to the modern management tools, to the client /supplier relationships, or simply to succeed in reaching the high technical standard required by jobs in water utilities to allow career development.
These “traditional” requirements concern the development of technical training programmes on topics specific to the jobs in water supply and sanitation utilities.
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