Constitutive Charter of the Network

PREAMBLE The Participants of the Constitutive Assembly of 19th and 20th of November 2008 in Paris,
- Recognising

o that the supply of water for the population, health, hygiene and domestic uses and also for agricultural production, has always been a major stake for mankind,

o that today, more than ever, the objectives related to drinking water supply and sanitation services, in particular, are one of the major priorities for development, especially through the United Nations “Millennium Development Goals” which aim, among other things, at reducing by half the percentage of the populations not having sustainable access to healthy water and sanitation by 2015,

- Conscious that the operators of water utilities all around the world, being today either public, private or mixed, develop new infrastructures and try to improve the quality of their services to meet the needs of the users, by reinforcing the operation, maintenance and renewal of their facilities,

- Considering that this implies better governance of the utilities themselves, capacity building and increasing human resources,
- Convinced that professional training is an essential tool to achieve these goals,
- Willing to reinforce exchanges between water training organisations and promote co-operation between.

Have agreed upon the following Charter.

Signed Constitutive Charter
Signed Constitutive Charter

(PDF – 870.8 kb)

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