Le réseau sera présent au 7ème Forum Mondial de l’Eau


7ème Forum Mondial de l’Eau
12-17 Avril 2015, à Daegu & Gyeongju (Corée du Sud)

Session registration : http://world-water-forum-2015-europa.eu/registration/wwf7-registration.php


The sessions which RICFME/INWTC members and its partners will hold.

Reference Theme : 4.5. Enhancing Education and Capacity Building

Session : 4.5.2 - Financing water professional training to develop competencies : A fruitful economic strategy for water utilities !

Session Objectives :

This session will be organized as a follow-up of the 6th WWF, by evidencing the achievement of many commitments of the “Condition of Success 3.3’ on vocational training :

  • the presentation of a study on vocational training benefits, that will present some key indicators to measure its effectiveness,
  •  the participation of the AquaForMed network, whose creation was one of the commitments of the 6th WWF.

The first aim of the session is to bring together relevant key stakeholders of vocational training in the water sector :

  • water and sanitation services
  • training centers
  • donors.

This meeting will therefore be an opportunity to present each participant’s vision on vocational training, make them exchange on their experiences and expectances, and so on to produce relevant recommendations for the implementation roadmap.

Session Convenors :
IEA/ONEE (international Institute for Water and Sanitation of the National office for Electricity and Water) – Morocco INWTC Presidency
IOWater (International Office for Water) INWTC - Secretariat

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T 4.5.2 - Thematic Session Form- Revised version 11.03.2015

Session : 4.5.3 - Ensuring sustainability of water infrastructures by investing in Water Training Centers : It pays back !

Session Objectives :

The objective of the session is to share experience of WTC from many different countries in order to identify the best internal and external conditions to training centers sustainability. Members of the International Network of Water Training Centers will present their success and difficulties in order to provide the most adapted water training supply in their respective countries. The INWTC mobilizes 20 water training centers in the whole world which support the “Rabat Declaration” on the importance of professional training in water issues.

Session Convenors :
IOWater (International Office for Water) as INWTC technical permanent secretary
IEA/ONEE (International Institute for Water and Sanitation of the National office for Electricity and Water) as INWTC president organization

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WWF7 - T 4 5 3 - Thematic Session Proposal Form v.11.03.2015

Session : 4.5.4 - Facing the changes in due time : Specific training for basin organizations

Session Objectives :

To demonstrate, by field case studies, the importance of information, education and training, both formal and informal, for the protection, restoration and management of water resources and aquatic ecosystems. Reinforce local authorities, economic sectors and grand public participation in basin management. Strengthen the capacities of decision makers and staffs of basin organizations. Expected output : practical recommendations for embedding education and training measures in any project connected to water resources management at basin level.

Session Convenors :
IOWater (International Office for Water) as INBO Academy secretariat
International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO)

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T 4 5 4 - Thematic Session form- Revised version 11.03.2015

The other sessions of the Reference Theme 4.5 Enhancing Education and Capacity Building

Session : 4.5.1 - Water Education and Capacity Building : Key for Water Security and Sustainable Development

Session 4.5.5 - Water Education for Leaders focus on safe water and environment

Session 4.5.6 - Captivating the attention of the global population on water issues with innovative tools

Concluding Session : 4.5 - Enhancing Education and Capacity Building

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Formation et renforcement des capacités des professionnels du secteur de l’eau - Jeudi 16 Avril, 10h00-11h30 Daegu EXCO, Pavillon français

Les offres françaises de formation professionnelle pour le management des services d’eau et d’assainissement : une large gamme de savoir-faire en transfert de compétences, depuis les agents de terrain et les opérateurs jusqu’aux dirigeants.


All the information about the Forum : www.worldwaterforum7.org

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Evenement parallèle

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